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Dissertation: “Race and Melancholy in Early Modern English Literature”

My dissertation brings together the subfields of early modern race and humoral studies to ask: how do expressions of loss, unhappiness, devotion, and political resistance construct racial difference? To what extent is blackness or whiteness predicated on expressions and degrees of deviation from what early modern people in England understood as melancholic? I turn to literary texts produced in the late 16th through 17th Centuries by Shakespeare, Milton, Donne, Christopher Marlowe and Aphra Behn to examine varying perspectives on the developing social constructions of race and melancholy in the early modern period.

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Upcoming Talks/Conferences:

April 2019: South Central Renaissance Conference, Lubbock, TX

April 2019: Shakespeare Association of America, Washington, DC

July 2019: British Shakespeare Association, Wales, UK

April 2020: Shakespeare Association of America, Denver, CO